ProBanker Diploma

ProBanker Diploma is a Diploma in Banking (DB), provided by ProBanker in collaboration with GEMFM Global Network. It is designed to provide an updated overview of banking principles for professionals working or intending to work in the financial services sector, including MBA and MSc. in Finance students. Financial services have undergone a rapid transformation in […]

Health Care Management Specialization

The healthcare industry as a proportion of GDP has been increasing steadily in nearly all countries in the world. The health care industry can be summarized as groups representing the following segments: Providers (hospitals, physicians, nurses) Clients (individuals, employers, government and insurance firms) Manufacturers (pharmaceuticals, research firms, medical devices and supplies) Administrative (administrators, accountants, legal […]

Hospitality Management Specialization

Tourism is one of the pillars of the global economy. This sector has a strong potential for further growth, balancing sustainability with cultural and economic development. The main objective of this specialization is to provide participants with expertise to sustainably develop and manage private and public sector entities engaged in the global tourism industry. Specifically: […]

Family Business Management Specialization

Background: Family enterprises are the predominant form of business around the world. However, international statistics indicate that on average only 30% of these companies exceed the first generation and that they do not manage to survive beyond the fourth generation. The foregoing has motivated the analysis of the characteristics and behaviors of family businesses, offering […]

Finance Certificates

Business Schools can offer their alumni and also incorporate into their own MBA and / or Masters in Finance Programs the GEMFM Finance Certificates, which are accredited by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM): 1. Each GEMFM Finance Certificate consists of 3 modules (6 ECTS, 3 US Credits each) A. Risk Management Certificate: Derivatives, […]

Global Executive Masters in Financial Management

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management is a part-time executive program with a global reach, franchised through the GEMFM Global Network. It has been designed and developed by the GEMFM Global Network, an organization of financial professionals and educational experts from all 5 continents. It is accredited by The International Board for Quality Assurance and […]