Tourism is one of the pillars of the global economy. This sector has a strong potential for further growth, balancing sustainability with cultural and economic development.

  • The main objective of this specialization is to provide participants with expertise to sustainably develop and manage private and public sector entities engaged in the global tourism industry.
  • Strengthen participants ability to manage the tourist use of beaches and cultural goods, their dissemination and preservation
  •  Support participants aptitude to keep pace with future touristic development
  • To provide participants with skills for strategic planning, human resource management, strategic marketing, financial management, innovation and entrepreneurship, within the touristic industry

This specialization program covers both cultural tourism and more general hospitality management themes. Classes comprise a combination of theoretical concepts and their applications. Case studies, team work, and class discussions are encouraged in every module.This GEMFM specialization program is taught in English and/or Spanish.

Participants choose three 24-hour modules (6 ECTS, 3 US Credits each), which are taught once a month by international experts in the field with vast teaching experience. Participants can choose in-class, hybrid, or online modalities:

  1. Cultural Heritage, Value, and Touristic Use
  2. Sustainability and Heritage Management Techniques
  3. Sustainable Beach Tourism Management
  4. The Economics of Hospitality
  5. Financial Management in the Hospitality Industry
  6. Operations Management in the Hospitality Industry
  7. Hospitality Strategic Human Resource Management
  8. Strategic Marketing in the Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Management Study Tour to Granada, Spain

The economy of Andalusia depends on the service sector, where most of the employment is directly related to tourism. In 2022, Andalusia hosted around 10 million tourists, which places this Spanish region as one of the preferred destinations both for local and international visitors. The GEMFM Hospitality Management Specialization includes a study tour to Granada. During this study trip, participants will take a 24-hours module on hospitality supply chain management.

Conferences by tourism experts are also scheduled, including hotel directors and top public officials in charge of the tourist development of Granada. The study trip lasts 5 days, and includes visits to tourist sites such as the Alhambra and Generalife, the Cathedral of Granada, the Albaicin, the Arab Spice Market, and the Royal Chapel.


The GEMFM Hospitality Management Specialization is opened to Business Schools that want to include in their own programs an international academic experience. For more information, please contact GEMFM Global Network at