ProBanker Diploma is a Diploma in Banking (DB), provided by ProBanker in collaboration with GEMFM Global Network. It is designed to provide an updated overview of banking principles for professionals working or intending to work in the financial services sector, including MBA and MSc. in Finance students. Financial services have undergone a rapid transformation in the last years as a result of advances in technology, globalization and product innovations. The latter provides opportunities but also new risks. Both small and large banks have to offer multiple services that incorporate the latest technology for delivery of services to compete in the marketplace. Traditional jobs such as bank-tellers and account keeping has been replaced with multi-tasking jobs that require participants to be (re) educated in a variety of analytical skills and software use that cover multiple banking functions. The DB program provides an up-to-date and practical overview of the major principles in banking covering bank management and risk analysis.

A unique feature of the DB program is the use of ProBanker Simulation as the primary tool for teaching banking principles and tools. ProBanker mimics a real bank where participants can make a range of decisions to practice concepts and principles discussed in class. They can analyze the outcome of their decisions in real time. It is firmly grounded in sound financial and microeconomic principles and the simulated environment, although complex and realistic, is sufficiently stylized to be readily understood. This “hands-on” approach is similar to learning on the job except the cost of failure is null. ProBanker simulation covers all major banking functions such as credit analysis, funding analysis, interest rate risk management, and bank capital. Participants can practice solo as well as work with teams remotely. Assignments and tests are integrated into the curriculum to make it easy to follow throughout the program. ProBanker is used at over 50 colleges around the world (University of Massachusetts, University of Kansas, Syracuse University, Frankfurt Business School, etc.) as well as several training programs at banks and Fintech companies (Bank Mandiri Indonesia, CSI Fintech, etc.).

The ProBanker Diploma is based on 3 modules. Each module consists of 5 weeks, for a total of 15 weeks. The program is taught once a week, for 3 hours. During the first hour and a half, participants will be exposed to various concepts and techniques through a video. In the next hour and a half, the lecturer will connect by videoconference to deepen the topics, resolve doubts and complete the session with the use of the ProBanker simulator. The diploma is structured with 45 hours of classes and 45 hours of individual and group work. Between each module there is a break of 1 week.

The DB program includes an optional Study Tour to New York. The tour consists of a short course in international financial management taught by finance professors. The course features several lectures by senior executives and visits to companies, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Wall Street . The ProBanker simulation will be played during class. Teams will be formed to compete against each other to make decisions based on various trading and hedging strategies in international finance. Certificates attesting to the successful completion of the International Financial Management simulation will be awarded.