Develop, offer and facilitate part-time courses and programs to university students, executives, universities, business schools, professional associations and other companies and entities that have an interest in contracting training and education activities and services. The courses and programs are offered in the areas of finance and related topics in business administration, are practical, topical  and up-to-date, for implementation in various institutions and universities internationally, complying with high ethical and academic standards.

Establish a network of professors, universities and other institutions, students and alumni worldwide, to share experiences through academic programs and promote professional activities of mutual interest.

Adopt a “think global, act local” approach by combining international expertise with content that addresses local and regional challenges.


Reach the network´s greatest potential by offering the highest quality educational and training services for members to expand and share business opportunities globally.


Hard work, perseverance, quality, teamwork, collaboration, social responsibility, international focus, integrity, friendship, fun, good humor, inspiration, closeness, and trust.