Corporate Social Responsibility

One percent of the GEMFM Global Network’s income is donated to Jaap Spronk Memorial Fund, at RSM, which fosters cross-cultural educational experiences.


Membership in the GEMFM Global Network is free of cost for all types of members. Participation in the GEMFM Global Network is analogous to membership in any academic association; it does not imply any contractual relationship with the GEMFM Global Network.

Advisory Board

The President of the GEMFM Global Network Advisory Board is Dr. Karen Watkins. She is accompanied on the Advisory Board by Prof.dr. Anoop Rai, Prof.dr. Rita D´Ecclesia, and Prof.dr. Onno Steenbeek. Prof.dr. Rita D´Ecclesia joined the Advisory Board in February 2021; she is currently President of the Euro Working Group for Commodities and Financial Modeling, […]

Value Proposition

The value proposition of the GEMFM Global Network is to provide accessible and high quality executive education, with a global reach. The GEMFM Global Network believes that collaboration with business schools, students and lecturers globally are the key to a successful career in business, and its offering of flexible programs successfully blends local and global […]

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Develop, offer and facilitate part-time courses and programs to university students, executives, universities, business schools, professional associations and other companies and entities that have an interest in contracting training and education activities and services. The courses and programs are offered in the areas of finance and related topics in business administration, are practical, topical […]


The GEMFM Global Network was established in New York in 2015, as an organization of financial professionals and educational experts from four different continents. Prof.dr. Jaap Spronk was the founder and first director of the GEMFM Global Network. The GEMFM Global Network launched an unique program for financial executives: The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management. […]