The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management is a part-time executive program with a global reach, franchised through the GEMFM Global Network. It has been designed and developed by the GEMFM Global Network, an organization of financial professionals and educational experts from all 5 continents. It is accredited by the local educational authorities in each location where it is offered. It is delivered in-class, hybrid, and online.

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program is taught by finance professors with extensive experience in executive education from top universities in the world, creating a truly global network. The consortium of universities offering the program are local premium business schools, who deliver the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program locally in conjunction with the GEMFM Global Network.

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program includes a Study Tour in New York, simulation training by ProBanker, student and staff exchanges, and integrated curriculum. The program caters for the needs of the ‘new’ financial world by focusing on core capabilities: an international orientation, in-depth financial expertise, and the management skills and analytical abilities essential for an ever changing environment. The program pays attention to the personal leadership skills of the financial professional, stressing both effectiveness (getting things done) and responsibilities (impact).


The structure and the core of the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program is the same in different countries. Participants will choose the home business school that is more convenient for them (more locations are on their way):

  • Curacao – University of Curacao
  • Lebanon – ESA Business School (running a spin-off of the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program, in conjunction with Bocconi University)
  • Mexico – IESDE School of Management

Participants will earn the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management degree from their home university, plus a certificate issued by the GEMFM Global Network. Each program is validated by its business school and recognized by its national educational authorities.

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management is a program for people with work experience, which allows networking and high-quality class discussions. Through the international network, participants can also connect to students and alumni of other Global Executive Masters in Financial Management programs abroad. Participants are highly stimulated to take some core and elective courses at different Global Executive Masters in Financial Management partner schools.
  • To provide participants with an up-to-date view on both theory and practice.
  • To strengthen the participants’ ability to keep pace with future developments.
  • To make participants acquainted and familiar with the most important tools for problem analysis and decision support.
  • To promote a problem-oriented approach to financial management, in which finding an approximate solution to the precise problem is preferred to finding an exact solution to some approximate problem.
  • To promote attention for the international aspects of and contingencies within the financial world.
  • To provide participants with skills for communication within both the national and international financial world, skills for ‘getting things done’.
  • To provide participants with an understanding of the legal, social and ethical aspects of financial management.

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management is a part-time academic program tailor-made for professionals involved in positions where financial information is crucial to excellent performance. The program combines financial theory with its application in practice.

Learning in the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program is different to traditional university learning. Designed to maximize knowledge sharing, dialogue-driven lessons engage students in cross-cultural discussions with educators and peers. Participants can use the knowledge learned immediately on their jobs. Teaching methods include simulations, workshops, business cases, team as well as independent work, and coverage of actual financial topics in the news.

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program consists of 10 modules (of which 2 are electives) with highly interactive courses bridging the gap between theory and practice; offering a multi-dimensional and international perspective on financial management. Students can specialize in three tracks: Risk Management, Asset Management, and Financial Compliance & Control. English is the primary language used for the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management modules and communications.

Pre-Masters module

The Pre-Masters Module / Introduction to Finance, is offered for students who are less familiar with financial
topics. It includes Bookkeeping Basics, Basic Economics and Finance.

Core courses
  1. Financial Reporting & Analysis
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Investments
  4. Empirical Finance
  5. New York Study Tour: Competitive Strategy in Bank Management
  6. Derivatives
  7. Fixed Income
  8. Leadership & Corporate Governance
Elective courses

Electives are designed to adapt to students´ particular needs and circumstances. They are intended to support participants who want to grow within the financial industry, as well as those who are seeking for a broad financial profile to function as financial managers in companies and other organizations. The program is suitable also for candidates who want to strengthen their knowledge in finance because they experience this as a necessity in their daily practice (for instance lawyers, fiscal experts, and regulators).

Participants can choose electives to complete a recommended track or any other combination from a list of several possible modules. Recommended Tracks are:

a. Risk Management (Derivatives, Enterprise Risk Management, and Financial Institutions Risk

b. Asset Management (Fixed Income, Real Estate Investments, and Advanced Portfolio Management). 

c.Financial Compliance & Control (Financial Reporting & Analysis, Regulatory Compliance & AML, and Financial Control & Sustainability).

Other possible electives are: 

Entrepreneurial Finance, Behavioral Finance, Digital Financial Innovation, Health Finance, International Finance, and Leadership for Financial Sector.

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program is a twelve month program taught once a month (24 hours per module). The exact schedule is tuned to the local circumstances. In between classes there may be preparatory reading, assignments, and exams. Nevertheless, as this is a part-time executive master program, participants will find an adequate work/study balance. The final component of the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program requires the students to complete a capstone project.

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program includes a study trip to New York City, with visits to financial institutions and other important parties in the financial sector.

New York Study Tour

The 5-days New York Study Tour consists of an intense and competitive simulation of bank management strategies, together with visits to financial institutions and important financial sector players. It usually takes place in the Cornell Club, with a combination of guest speakers and simulation-based training provided by ProBanker. Prior guest speakers included Tabish Almas (Quantitative Analyst, OpenLink Financial, NY), Geoffroy Teyssonniere de Gramont (Managing Director, Societie Generale), and John Addeo (Director, Genstar Private Equity). Visits include APG Asset Management, Bloomberg, Veris Wealth Partners, Federal Reserve Bank, and Wall Street.


ProBanker provides with an opportunity to practice decision-making skills in a complex environment. Through simulation-based training, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of balancing banks´ business objectives, risk and compliance.

ProBanker is a web-based program where participants work together in teams and input a range of decisions every quarter affecting deposits, loans, bonds, and capital. Once the simulation is run, the results can be reviewed and discussed with the instructor prior to deciding the inputs for the following quarter. A series of assignments will test the knowledge of the various principles, concepts and tools required in bank management.

Simulation-based training is now recognized as the most effective way to teach decision-making skills. It is ideal for evaluating team-based and interpersonal skills. Simulation-based training is interactive and participants retain more knowledge that lecture-based classes (and is usually fun).

ProBanker is a company with both academic and professional experience. It has decades of experience in providing training solutions. ProBanker employs state-of-the-art advanced simulation customized for today’s banks. Participants have provided consistently positive feedback.

ProBanker Simulation was originally developed by Mark Flannery at Wharton, was joined by Mark Flood in the mid-1990s to transition it from a PC-based to a web-based program. In 2010, Anoop Rai joined the team to transition it to the next generation software for hybrid and online classes. Jaap Spronk joined ProBanker SimulationTraining in 2014 to globalize the curriculum and expand to overseas markets. It is now offered in several languages.


The graduates of the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program are financial experts who are well-equipped to understand and solve a wide range of finance-related issues as encountered in firms, financial institutions, and other organizations. The program approaches financial decision making and analysis from a managerial perspective (with an eye for context and successful action), taking account of the (more general) insights and evidence from the study of finance. The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management participants know how to look behind the numbers, and pay attention to the context and implications of financial management (compliance, governance, corporate responsibility).

Quality is defined along five dimensions:
1. Content which is up-to-date and up-to-the-standard
2. Practical relevance
3. Effective communication and interaction
4. Professional delivery
5. Corporate/ social responsibility

The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program integrates a network of selected professors of highly-ranked business schools from all-over-the world, with a proven track record in executive education, providing a rich plurality of content and perspective. There is continuous quality control, through accreditations and interactions with financial institutions and other organizations, alumni, and students.


All Global Executive Masters in Financial Management faculty members have been selected on basis of six criteria: a) sound academic background, b) research record, c) inspirational lecturing skills; d) knowledge and experience with businesses practices, e) professional delivery, and f) affiliated with well-respected business schools.

They have been recruited from highly-ranked business schools, from a wide array of countries in all five continents.


Alumni Testimonials

If you are affiliated to a Business School interested in the possibility of offering the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program, please contact the GEMFM Global Network: