The GEMFM Global Network was established in New York in 2015, as an organization of financial professionals and educational experts from four different continents. Prof.dr. Jaap Spronk was the founder and first director of the GEMFM Global Network.

The GEMFM Global Network launched an unique program for financial executives: The Global Executive Masters in Financial Management. It evolved from another comparable one: the Executive Masters in Financial Management (XFM) that was initiated under the leadership of Prof.dr. Jaap Spronk as Academic Dean of the MBA programs at Rotterdam School of Management. In 2016 the name was changed to GEMFM (Global Executive Masters in Financial Management) Program, to expand its reach worldwide. The XFM and GEMFM programs have been taught in the Netherlands, Italy, Curacao, Mexico, and Lebanon. The graduates come from many parts of the world, and is a truly international program.

Since then, several other academic programs have been added and new relationships developed with various business schools, universities, professional associations, and faculty emerged. To date the GEMFM Global Network brings together almost forty faculty members, selected on basis of: a) sound academic background, b) research record, c) inspirational lecturing skills; d) knowledge and experience with businesses practices, d) professional delivery, and e) affiliated with well-respected business schools. They have been recruited from a wide array of countries in all five continents.

The consortium of universities and business schools affiliated to the GEMFM Global Network are local premium institutions, such as IESDE School of Management, ESA Business School, University of Curacao, and UCC Business School. The GEMFM Global Network has a considerable number of alumni from the programs offered at these institutions, who form an important part of the network. Several professional associations collaborate with GEMFM Global Network, through faculty and student exchanges, and academic products and services and include ProBanker (USA), Euro Working Group for Commodities and Financial Modelling, ICAP Training Solutions (South Africa), Family Business Center at University of Granada (Spain), and Institute of International Economics at Universitat Jaume I (Spain).

The GEMFM Global Network offers four flagship academic programs: Global Executive Masters in Financial Management, Finance Certificates, MBA Specializations in Family Business, Hospitality and Health Care, and International Certificate in Banking and Risk Management. These programs follow a rigorous process of quality control, both external and internal, based on the following criteria: 1. content which is up-to-date and of high standards; 2. practical relevance; 3. effective communication and interaction; 4. professional delivery; and 5. corporate/ social responsibility.

The GEMFM Global Network is an organization of high ethical and academic standards with a global focus. The network offers tailored programs that include simulation-based training, and study tours. The headquarters was moved to Spain in 2021, with a branch office in New York.